5 makeup ideas for the mother of the bride & groom

Alexander+Gabrielle-addison-jones-photography-184Carlene Wedding 1The mother of the bride may have been envisioning her daughter’s wedding since she was born. The mother of bride may be glad that her son has finally become a man. It is important that the two come to the wedding ceremony looking great and flawless not withstanding their ages. Below are some simple makeup tips for rocking that flawless look in son’s or daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Lift the drooping corners of the eyes

As the ladies grow old, the corners of the eyes droop and cover part of the eyes. You may try a few tricks to ensure that the corners of the eyes look as if they are upward. Use the eyeliner on the outer corner of the eyes. This draws the eyes up and makes them look as if they are lifted up.

Go slow on the eyeliners

It is good to avoid liquid and bold liners for the eyes. Instead, go for the soft pencil. The application of the liner should be up and out rather than in or horizontally. The artist should use light strokes from the middle of the eye and move on either side. This ensures that the eyes are never harsh.

Do away with the gloss lipstick

The gloss looks good with teenage and young women but not for the older women. Then older women have wrinkles, lines, and thin lips that are emphasized by the gloss lipstick. It makes you look fake and unappealing. Instead, it is safe to go satin finish lipstick. It gives a subtle and a more flattering look. As for the colors, avoid the bold colors as they emphasize the wrinkles on your lips. Rather, go for clear of soft colors.

Go light on the make up

Avoid applying layers of make up on the face as it makes the face look smudged and caked. As the skin gets old, it gets thin and wrinkled. Go for the airbrush or light creams to look all-natural. Be careful on the selection of tones and hues. The products that you use should be lighter than your complexion. Dark tones highlight the flaws on the face such as scars, pimples, and wrinkles.

Go for the cream blush

If you would like to look healthy and vigorous, consider the cream blush. Wearing a cream blush is easy and there is no risk of overdoing it. If you apply too much blush just use a little foundation